My brother and I (right side) with the neighbors.

I have been playing video games since NES. Some of my first memories are trying unsuccessfully to beat my older brother (5 years apart), and almost always loosing miserably at Street Fighter to him.  The occasional co-op game like Contra . . .The neighbors’ kids coming over and sitting by the TV that didn’t have cable yet playing Zelda . . . finally playing my first Final Fantasy game . . . to eventually where I am at now; Xbox 360 and Steam games.


My friends and I playing Wii in 2012 (I’m on left side).

Video games have changed quite a bit since then.  Some of my favorite series while having 360 have been Gears of War, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia, and Mass Effect. This blog is a collection of articles on the gaming industry, whether that is reviews, news, or more. This passion started during an internship at GameSkinny.com, and hasn’t left me since.


Besides gaming I enjoy occasionally training in jiu jitsu, drawing and painting, hiking, and almost everything out doors.

I also write under Girl Geeks for Examiner.com:


Feel free to read more about me @ about.me/jamiekaren .

You can also contact me at: iamoutofcharacter@gmail.com


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