Google’s Ingress Will No Longer Be In Beta

December 14th Google is finally releasing Ingress from it’s Beta program, and they will additionally make it available to all Android users as of today. Previously, in order to play the augmented-reality game a player must first obtain a game code.

Ingress works by turning your phone into a scanner which allows you to ‘hack’ portals in real life locations around the world. The game is played by hundred of thousands globally from over 200 countries all joined within two factions: Resistance and Enlightened. The app can be downloaded on the Google Play store, but it does have some phone restrictions when it comes to resolution. It was first made known to the world in 2012, through the Niantic Project.

The official Google+ page for Ingress states that this comes after the conclusion to a currently ongoing massive event between factions named Operation #13Magnus. They will also be including some other events, such as a contest for the 5 most elite players where the winners will “…be flown to California for Top Secret Ingress briefings in February 2014 and a special interview with Susanna Moyer  from The Ingress Report at“. They will also be giving anyone already in the Beta the chance to earn a Founders badge if they reach level 5 by Dec. 14th.


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