Mass Effect Halloween 2013 Costume: Gun Photos

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Yes, I am finally doing it. I’m going all out geeky this Halloween, and making a gamer related costume. Oh, OK. Last year I also made a Katniss costume, but that’s a different version of geeky. I am going as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect–female version, obviously.

I plan on writing a ton of articles based off my experience, but first off I’m posting up some galleries. Here is a few pictures of the gun I am using for the costume. I used a Nerf gun and painted it to appear like a Mass Effect weapon.

So far I have used two colors paints in this picture: Titanium (a lighter shade of silver) and Nickel (a darker shade of silver, appropriately a gun mental like shade). I have also begun to add more shading using black paint (no pictures yet), and plan on adding the N7 logo and a few details of red paint on it as well.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the outcome. The gun cost a mere $10, and I already had the paint on hand. More details on a How To for making this gun will come in another post!


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