The Last Of Us: What Remains

by Jamie K

The Last of Us isn’t in stores until June 12, but if you can’t quite wait that long you could always shuffle your fungus infected self over to What Remains Films to watch their unofficial live action web series by Manifest Films.

Manifest Filmsstates that the series is “a unique piece of content chronicling the journey of three unlikely friends as they attempt to survive in a world 10 years after a new strain of fungus has all but wiped out the human race.” They also claim they are “not endorsed by or affiliated in any way withNaughty Dog or any Sony company“, but even though it doesn’t follow the game’s story exactly it’s pretty evident that the series is influenced by The Last of Us.

In What Remains, the human race has been overrun by “parasitic fungus which affects its host by altering its brain and causing it to spread..” and “…upon infection, the …

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