Ascension Review: A Rise To Mobile Gaming

by Jamie K

Ascension, a deck building game, also has a digital mobile version for all who seek to play a tabletop game even when they don’t have….well, a table. This is something of a trend for games these days. Rising among the ranks of those that can be played with either such as Ticket To Ride, Ascension proves that it’s smart enough to realize it reaches far more players by also being digital.

The World of Vigil

Ascension starts players with a nice little story to begin:

The game takes place in Vigil, a world that has been protected for millennia by the Great Seal, keeping the realm free from divine influences. It was put in place after an ancient war with a corrupt god, Samael the Fallen, when it was decided that none of the gods should be able to interfere. But now, the Seal is failing, and nightmarish Monsters that had been forgotten are breaking through. Your job, as a hero of Vigil, is to take your small, ragtag band of Apprentices and Militia, and gather an army powerful enough to lead you to your destiny as the Godslayer, and in doing so, slay Samael once and for all.

I first was introduced to Ascension at PAX East, where a friend had purchased it through Kickstarter. Sadly I never had a chance to play it there, because we were playing a lot of games at the time and there were too many of us to all play Ascension (per the rules).

However with the iPhone version being only $4.99 I figured why not give it a try?

Your hand starts with 10 cards of eight Apprentices and two Militias. The Militias provide – you guessed it – your Power for attacking. Apprentices provide Runes, which are needed in order to collect Hero and Construct cards that are on the Center Deck of the board…



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