Why Boobplates Might Get You Killed

by emmelinep

Ladies’ armor in video games (and movies as well) has always been a bit of a joke. It’s there if you’ve ever played Soul Caliber and watched your warrior move onto the battle field in a bikini, or really any other game where your female character is basically naked. Chain mail bikinis and armor plated breasts are extremely common for female characters.

But what about the breast shaped armor? The armor that looks like it might actually protect the wearer, but still manages to show off the feminine form? Surely that’s better.

Disregarding that armor isn’t meant to be physically attractive anyway (these are fantasy games we’re discussing) there are actual problems with “boobplate” armor, as covered in this recent article by tor.com. The extra shapely chest is actually a good way to do yourself more damage. If you take a fall during battle or get struck extra hard (for example, by one of those giant sword wielding demi-gods that seem to be so common in fighting games), you…

READ THE FULL ARTICLE @ http://www.gameskinny.com/3t1kp/why-boobplates-might-get-you-killed


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