Ingress GS Report 1.0 // NIA Conspiracy with May Update & News

Ingress Astoria New York

Ingress Astoria New York (Photo credit: squirrel83)

by Jamie K
>>Imagine This.

The things you saw around you weren’t what they seemed. Imagine that our world held a secret. A possibly dangerous secret. One that had the power to control people’s thoughts and minds. One that has been covertly controlled by a government agency that didn’t want you to know these secrets.

Well, now imagine that this secret is called Ingress.
I am going to let you in on this secret – which is something you need not imagine because it is real*. Ingress exists. You could even be right next to it right at the moment you are reading this, and not even realize it. It’s happening all over our planet, anywhere and everywhere. The park your kids play at. Your neighbor’s house. Your favorite museum.
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The Niantic Project and the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) knew about Ingress andXM for a while. GS’s own Mat Westhorpe first reported on it 5 months ago. Only recently has the world too begun to learn about it, thanks in part to Google (who often is at the heart of whatever is going on in the world). Exotic Matter or XM is a force all around us. It’s everyone and in everything. It’s not a tangible force. Much like Dark Matter, we don’t even know for sure everything it is. We do know, however, that it has the power to influence or “hack” our thoughts…our minds.

XM is strongest near monuments, statues, art, and anything…



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