Minecraft–The Ultimate Home Decorating Game

Minecraft Pirate Ship

Minecraft Pirate Ship (Photo credit: JimmyJett)

by emmelinep

Minecraft is billed as the “most significant sandbox you’ll ever set foot in.” You are told that the only limit is your imagination. The world you enter is fraught with peril and enemies (spiders, creepers, zombies and skeletons). But after you survive the first few nights (no easy task), what kind of gameplay does Minecraft morph into?

A friend told me that he played Minecraft for a long time, until he became aware that he was mining for diamonds so that he could build a diamond pickaxe, just so he could continue making more diamond pickaxes. The grind of the game eventually wore him down, and he stopped playing. The beginning of the game, different for every server, is about surviving. You’re decently fragile, and you can starve. There is an exploration element as well, as you attempt to see the world around you, maybe decide where you’re going to build your home.

But what about when you’ve settled into play and your home has been built enough to survive the night? The game seems to morph at this juncture into something else entirely—basically a design/living game. You might create a small fenced in area and raise chickens so that you have sustenance later on. In our server, we created a…

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