Ludum Dare 26: Notch and Other Notables

by emmelinep

The Ludum Dare competition is a video game development competition, first held in 2002. For 48-72 hours developers from across the country compete to create a game. The theme is not revealed until the very last minute, so developers have to craft their concept from scratch. The creative output will then be judged over the next three weeks. But you can start playing entries now to see which ones are your favorites.

The theme this year was “minimalism,” and it’s interesting to see what developers made with such a simple concept. In past years, developers have used Ludum Dare as a chance to test out concepts and to create bits of games. World of Goo was originally a Ludum Dare entry.

Note: For this article you may need to download the Unity Web Player, but if you’re an indie game fan you might already have it.

The first game that caught my eye was (Follow the) Line by Chman. The game is a pretty inventive use of the minimalism theme, since it is a one button game. While the game is silent, it involves tracing a small predetermined path with your line. It is a very zen game, and you can play it here.

Particle Swarm (not pictured) by KamuKuda is another fascinating game…



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